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Edge Video Analytics

Any object, any size, any color, our vision systems are trained to
detect and action with user defined actioning on object detection

object detection

Object Detection &

Counting for Industries

  • Multiple object identification
  • Object counting with precision monitoring
  • Accurate counting with visual evidence

Object detection and counting

Part of our process automation product, object counting video analytics is one of our intelligent neural compute products that can automate any of our counting process easily. Whether its box, tyres, bottles, bags, etc., to be counted on your conveyor belts or warehouse or factories, we can do it all. Identify the object and combining it with our counting video analytics gives you the most accurate automated counting system with no human interference.

With over one million object detection capability, Opticsense® object detection video analytics enables the cameras in detecting objects within its vicinity. From identifying simple objects like phones, laptops, couches, vases, it can clearly distinguish between humans, vehicles and animals too. This video analytics combined with our various other video analytics like scene detection, object counting or perimeter intrusion detection can be a very important tool for security and process automation solutions.

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