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Welcome to Safepro Vigilar, a new age street security and smart city system that thinks, adapts, reacts and prevents crimes on streets in the truest sense.

safepro Vigilar is a perfect combination of video electronics, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, video and data analytics, sensors, surveillance and alert systems, all working in tandem to thwart crimes on the streets and to keep the law enforcement agencies alerted in real time, Of happenings on the streets.

Safepro Vigilar, in its design, form and factor, is power- packed with features that align seamlessly to give law enforcement agencies a valuable tool to track and pin down criminals well before the crime is committed, thereby securing our streets. uto and SOS triggered, Safepro Vigilar instantly connects the victim to the police control room, nearby iurisdictional police station and police mobile units close by with its audio, video streaming and GPS features. It also raises a 1 10 decibel loud alarm alerting people nearby, thereby thwarting any incident likely to happen. Safepro Vigilar thus prevents crimes and secures people on the street. It's not iust security, but a smart device for a smart city It also comes equipped with additional features such as earthquake sensors, pollution monitoring of C02, fine dust and noise levels, temperature monitoring and a public address system to broadcast general messages to the public.


  • LoRa
  • IOT
  • Video Electronics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Video & Data Analytics
  • Sensors
  • Surveillance
  • Alert Systems
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