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If a woman in the city feels absolutely safe to walk on the street in the middle of the night, then the city obviously deserves the ‘Safe City’ tag. At Safepro we have always strived to achieve this with our disruptive safe city products that comes with a capability to make the streets a lot safer for the citizenry at all times.

It’s not just the installation of passive CCTVs or the panic buttons that makes the streets safer, but an integrated platform that’s intuitive, can think, has an intelligence to reason and react to prevent and stop crimes rather than a CCTV that requires constant human intervention to make it work.

Our unique and proprietary products such as Vigilar, Octasense, Opticsense are powerful autonomous preventive tools on highly scalable connected networks to prevent crimes, save lives and assets. These are designed in form and factor to take the nuances of the street and perform with optimum efficiency to safeguard people on the streets at all times.

‘Stree Surakshe’ or the Vigilar Women Safety Aisles is an AI modular product with features to provide safety to women even at the middle of the night when in distress or incidents on the street. AI enabled tactical surveillance, Emergency response system with 2way audio & video connectivity to local police station, mobile police units & control room, first level deterrent alerts with lights and loud hooters, camera anti-tampering systems, vandal proof design enclosure and more.

  • Cognitive 4k octa-directional video surveillance
  • Face recognition and matching alert
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Integrated LED street lighting system
  • Customisable cognitive algos to suit specific needs of smart city
  • Emergency response system with 2way audio to command center
  • Encrypted AutoMesh wireless connectivity with central command center
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Our Products

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