96% of them we asked said, we’ve installed CCTV cameras and its very secure.
So we asked them few more questions?

  • Q: Can your CCTV cameras shoo away the intruder even without you intervening?

  • Q: Does your CCTV cameras have multilingual voice alerts to warn the intruder about trespassing into your property?

  • Q: When in distress or mishap can your cameras instantly connect to you automatically while you’re away or holidaying?

  • Q: Can your CCTV cameras be safe from tampering?

  • Q: Can your CCTV cameras alert the nearest police station or mobile police units automatically even before intrusion or burglary attempt while your holidaying or away from home?

  • Q: Is your CCTV camera a forensic device that just watches and records the crimes that may happen on your loved ones or your property? Or does it have the intelligence to think and REACT to whats about to happen and stop the crime?

More than 100% of these 96% said NO. So it’s not just the cameras, but the cognitive intelligence in the camera that can prevent untoward incidents so that you don’t repent. Security is more like insurance. You take the right one, you’ve indeed secured your loved ones.


Introducing REACT
Simplistic, yet a powerful AI system that keeps your home & loved ones secure with an integrated cognitive system that can think, understand and react to stop the crime instead of a being mere forensic device.

REACT is fine combination of

  • CCTV Camera
    Cognitive surveillance megapixel cameras

    Not just a dumb CCTV, but network surveillance cameras that see the data in the video and not just record as a forensic device. See, understand, alert, prevent & speak in multilingual language to stop the miscreant and that’s why we say making sense of seeing and not just seeing.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    AI console with a neural compute engine for intrusion

    The brain of REACT, our AI console with a neural compute engine just like our neural system, helps our surveillance cameras understand & interpret situations around it and take necessary actions to prevent any crimes that may happen.

  • Quick Alert
    Understand situations b/w normal & abnormal, react with instant alerts

    Has the capability to understand whats normal & routine for your family & home, ensuring that everything other than you specify as normal is monitored, tracked and prevented ensuring safety of your loved ones and home.

  • Face Recognition
    Face recognition & intelligence to see

    An optional feature to enable face recognition & identification of your family members, housekeeping, etc for safe & easy access to & fro in your property.

  • Trespassing System
    Trespassing and ROI

    With features to mark any area or points in & around your home as secure zone including a time stamp, you’re sure about instant alerts to you on anyone other your family trespassing in the safe zone thus thwarting any mishaps that may happen.

  • Hooter Alarms
    First level deterrent tools like hooter alarms

    Has hooter alarms that triggers within seconds of any unauthorised intrusions into your home or unauthorised movement of people in your safe zones as marked by you, thus acting as a first level deterrent shooing away the miscreant even before causing any harm.

  • App
    Always connected on secure Apps

    Always connected app feature to watch & get instant alerts of any intrusions or trespassing in & around your home while your away or holidaying including 2way communication with the person at the door or the intruder.

  • Optional Alert
    Optional alerts to jurisdictional police stations in emergencies

    You can also optionally subscribe to our additional secure feature for your nearest jurisdictional police station to keep alerted if any mishaps happen while your away holidaying or a long business trip, thereby ensuring the law enforcement is alerted to prevent crimes on your loved ones or your property.

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