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Railway crossing in India is still primitive with loss of lives and fatalities happening even today in a country that is second to none in technological advancements. With primitive systems, lack of technology operating it and trespassers crossing the railway tracks even with a fast approaching train, accidents on these crossings keep happening frequently.

Safepro railway crossing solution is a perfect combination of AI, intelligent electronics and video edge analytics working in tandem to prevent accidents on these crossings with ease giving the best solution for safer railway crossing for people and trains.

Integrated with signaling system, it enables the crossing into a trespassing area as soon the train approach signals. This with our voice-over analytics alerts the users in multilingual language about the approaching train and not to crossover till the train has passed through.

It can also send the live video of that crossing to the driver of the train approaching the crossing using secure wireless hops with which the driver gets a visual of the happening at the crossing thereby aiding the driver in an effective decision making to avert any accidents.

Safepro RCS in its design, form, and factor is power packed with features that align seamlessly to make every railway crossing safer and secure.

rail crossing

of the product

  • 4K high resolution camera with 4K lens in built capturing the railway crossing area
  • Signal integration component
  • Hooter integration acting as a first level deterrent
  • Climate proof IP67 design to sustain heavy rain, heat & dust
  • Heavy gauge metal shell, vandal proof design with impact sensors to protect itself
  • Connectivity on fiber, broadband or wireless
  • Powered with conventional or Solar powered
  • Onboard, remote & distributed storage for archival when needed eliminating video sabotage
  • ONVIF for inter-connectivity with multiple electronics such as bollards, automatic gates, automatic road blockers, etc.

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