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Opticsense® Process Automation is built on our neural compute edge video analytics simulating your production processes, monitoring and tracking any violation in the process so that you can be sure that the process you’ve set is thoroughly followed without any violation.

While you do what you’re good at, we’ll automate your process compliance better

Gowning process monitoring for Pharmaceutical companies

With our neural compute platform we train your cameras to understand and simulate the exact process of gowning step by step and monitor that for any violation instantly, so that you know that every gowning process is done the right way before entering into the clean room or production shop floors. It also records a log file with these violations if any informing the authorised users about such violations.

Production process violation detection

Whether its monitoring your production process or finished product quality testing or packing the right ingredients into the product packaging, we do it all. With our neural compute platform we train your cameras to understand and simulate the exact production process and monitor that for any violation, so that you know that every production process is done the right way thereby your customer gets a quality product from you

Smoke & fire detection in the premises

Whether its your data center, critical & confidential document storage rooms, warehouse, production floors, monitor with instant alerts for smoke and fire detection within these premises. Opticsense® Smoke & Fire detection edge analytics enables & trains your existing CCTV cameras to detect smoke and fire instantly with alarm notifications for actioning.

Camera Anti-tampering System

With newer technologies comes intelligent miscreants to overcome it too. Camera vandalism is a common problem faced by many companies wherein its tampered intentionally to cover up incidents. Opticsense® camera anti-tampering system with its intelligent features ensures blindfold alerts, cable removal or disconnection alerts and camera view angle change are detected with instant alerts. This will ensure that the cameras meant for handling these process automation will always intact and free from vandalism.

ANPR based vehicular regulated access control

Regulated access control for vehicles into your premises with automated number plate recognition, do this with ease with Opticsense ANPR solution. While you allow authorised vehicles into the premises, block unauthorised vehicles from entering your premises. With option to integrate your automatic boom barrier, our ANPR solution gives you end-to-end solution in managing a well-trained regulated vehicle access control system.

Personal protection equipment violation

Personal protection equipments being mandatory, it’s impossible to keep tracking everyone in the premises adhering to it. Companies face damages with legal actions and monetary compensations for accidents without these safety gears. Opticsense edge video analytics handles this problem for you with ease. We enable your CCTV cameras in your premises to track your employees violating this, alerting the concerned and also create log file for your records.

Mobile usage detection

It’s a problem that ever company faces around the world. Restricted areas, shop floors, data centers, production areas are few of them wherein usage of mobile phones can be harmful and considered a violation. Opticsense® Mobile usage detection video analytics monitors and tracks this violation in the restricted areas within the premises and alerts the authorised user with the violation log file along with the violation image and time stamp.

Contactless face recognition based attendance management system

Contactless attendance management with temperature monitoring of your employees in today’s world of infections and pandemics is essential for companies to keep their employees safe and healthy. Facesense™ time and attendance management coupled with temperature monitoring works on our face recognition platform helping you with a hygienic contactless attendance management system.

Intrusion detection in restricted areas

Clean rooms in pharmaceutical industry or furnace in an iron & steel industry or a conveyor belt area, there are restricted areas marked and also those places that are danger zones in every production industry. Monitoring these places for human presence is necessary to avert accidents. Our intrusion detection system enables your cameras to alert people trespassing into these areas without any human interference.

Perimeter intrusion detection

AI based vision system for a secure perimeter A new age Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is an AI based vision technology system eliminating the false positive alerts of the traditional fiber and infrared applications. With 100% accuracy in detecting the human intrusion coupling with scene detection gives you the right solution to protect your perimeter better & efficiently.

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