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Intrusion Detection


Integrated Smart Lighting
Integrated smart lighting with auto on & off time-based scheduler, can also be managed through central dashboard and android app. This smart light also switches on automatically on detecting a human presence.


AI Cameras with Edge Video Analytics
4K high resolution AI cameras modules integrated within the console has edge analytics to detect human presence within its vision. It has two levels of security – Low and High. With low security it will allow human presence near the perimeter but will alert and alarm if there is a breach of perimeter i.e. if a human being tries to jump the perimeter.

With high security option, it will raise and alert and alarm even if human presence is seen near the perimeter. It also comes with zoning alerting the user on the exact location the perimeter breach happened.

vandal proof

Vandal-proof IP66 Structure
The entire console is vandal-proof with sensors integrated which has integrated hooter. If any miscreant tries to open its door or vandalise, the hooter will blow up at 110db shooing away the miscreant thereby preventing the perimeter breach instantly.

  • Vision systems based on AI & Deep Learning for accurate breach & alerts
  • Combination of thermal & Visual surveillance system integrated into one
  • GPU neural compute engine platform for quicker & efficient preventive actioning
  • Integrated dashboard at central command center and vBots apps for instant alerts and actioning
  • Eliminating complete false positives with a clear profile segregation only for human presence & scene detection
  • Works in isolation even if the network is broken as its in-camera inference solution
  • In-camera IVA such as intrusion detection, ROI, Zoning, multilingual voice alerts, motion triggered lighting, profile, segregation, scene detection
  • Anti-camera tampering alerts for disconnection & blind fold
  • Unique IP66 enclosure with inbuilt smart LED lighting and vandal-proof features
  • Inbuilt hooter for automated alarms and voice alerts as a first level deterrent
  • Modular lens format instead of an open camera design giving the camouflaged edge
  • Heart beat sensory for component level auto-diagnostics alerts to maintenance for Quicker Service
  • Integrates multiple sites onto a unified platform for
  • Centralised monitoring & command
  • Compliant with concrete compounds, stone walls, fenced, perimeter, barbed wire enclosures and even rapidly deployable temporary perimeter or enclosures


Govt Secretariats
Govt Secretariats
educational Institutes
Education Institutions
security building
Private Residences
Hotels & Resorts
large campus
Large Corporate Campus

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