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We’re a bunch of simple, disruptive,
techno geeks with always a question
flowing in our neural network

Why the hell is this so complicated? Can’t it be made easier? Our customers pay us for making it easier for them no matter how complex it’s for us on the drawing board. We’ve been doing this for last 15years and have learnt quite a bit to make it decently good.

AI, Image processing, Matlab, Python, Speed sensing, Gesture control, Behavioral analysis, Pattern recognition, Face recognition, Object identification, R&D, Robotics, Intelligent electronics, Scientist, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Intel NUC, Neural networks, Video surveillance, Video analytics, Smart City, Machine learning, deep learning algorithms, Yolo, C, C++, Embedded programmer, OpenCV, Convolutional neural network acceleration, Intel® Deep Learning Inference Accelerator (Intel® DLIA), FPGAs, SIP audio streaming, Cognitive Science, ANPR, Android, iOS, Cakephp, UI & UX, LoRa, network video surveillance cameras & more.

...are few of the keywords we’re associated with or should we say we love. If you also love any of these keywords and have sufficient traction/exp in these, write to us with your resume (PDF only pls). We also take a 2min video, so if you can explain yourself in less than 2mins, yup! we would love to see it.

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It isn’t done until we ship!
Sales & marketing geniuses – We want you

If you can sell i.e. strong traction/exp of selling with knowledge of IT software or IT hardware or Electronics or Security or Smart City projects or eGovernance projects or any Govt. oriented projects along with passion & inherent craving for sales & marketing, then talk to us.

(It isn’t mandatory to be MBA, etc., in sales & marketing. You just need to have a resume which speaks loud that you have sold and have been selling and you’re the only reason your company’s billing printers needs a cartridge change every two days)

You’ve got no experience?
Don’t worry,

if you have a masters degree from any reputed colleges/universities in these fields, write with your resume or video talk to us.


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