We’re just 15yrs young, bunch of AI, IOT, electronics, video edge analytics engineers & research scientists based out of Bengaluru. For us security is prevention & not forensic.

Welcome to Safepro Video Security Research Labs. We produce cognitive integrated smart security & video analytics solutions for smart cities, smart platforms for railways and other public transport agencies, law enforcement, defence, critical infrastructure, highways, traffic management, industries, retail & homes in India to handle threats better towards saving lives and protecting valued assets.

Smart City

At Safepro smart city isn’t only about high tech gadgets, digitization and a grandiose plan, but creating a secure & safer environment for people with devices that can react and prevent incidents happening on the streets.

A device that can interact and is interoperable with disparate equipments to capture data such as environmental measurements, traffic management, civic issues and also act as a medium between the municipal authorities and the citizenry like the public address system, emergency response systems and provide connected services like the WiFi hotspots, civic apps & more.

Cognitive video surveillance

We offer cognitive video surveillance coupled with onboard video edge analytics that trains & adapts to scenarios making it reactive to prevent incidents and crimes rather than keep watching it and aiding in forensic like the dumb CCTVs.

For us security is much more that installing cameras. It’s not the cameras you buy, but safety for your loved ones and assets is what you’re looking for. This needs a perfect syncronisation of your threat perception and the camera that blends into a perfect solution.

Public Transport Cognitive Surveillance

Use of public transport for a good city infrastructure is very essential and to do this making commuters feel safe in these public transport systems is absolutely necessary.

Whether it’s metros or buses or cabs, we have a whole range of solutions to cater to this sector from mega pixel surveillance cameras to onboard rugged NVRs, automotive compliant cabling, intercom systems and central command control solutions.

Smart Platforms

In recent years public transit security concerns have increased significantly calling for attention of the Governments, law enforcement and public to focus on these issues.

Public transport platforms in India is one of the largest congregation of people found daily irrespective of railways, metros or other bus stands. This increases the threat perception on these platforms largely due to the density of people around and the chaos on such platforms which harbors as the perfect place for miscreants to create trouble putting thousands of lives and valued assets in danger.

Wearable surveillance

For a safer world, new and technologically advanced security devices are very essential. Safepro body worn surveillance system brings in the innovation and ease-of-use together for law enforcement agencies to make this world a safer place to live.

Our range of body worn surveillance is equipped with mega pixel cameras coupled with intelligence to monitor, track and prevent incidents happening around us. With small form factor these body worn equipments can be integrated with police jackets, shoulder straps, helmets and shirt pockets.

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Safepro Vigilar Smart Railway Platforms

safepro Vigilar smart platforms is an intelligent & smart device that combines a whole lot of features like cognitive video surveillance, video analytics, Edge intelligence, environmental sensors, face recognition, emergency response system, central command center & more to ensure safety and security on railway platforms.

Safepro Vigilar Railway Crossing Solutions

Safepro Vigilar railway crossing solution made safer and secure with AI, IOT and smart video edge analytics for people and vehicles to cross with ease.

Safepro Octasense Smart City

Octasense smart city is a unique device with a combination of AI, IOT, integrated onboard edge video analytics like face recognition, ANPR, speed sensor, no-parking detection, voice alerts, trespassing, region of interest coupled with environmental sensors, WiFi hotspots, LoRa, emergency alert system, central command center, web & app interfaces & more for a perfect smart city.

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