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Facial identification & recognition system is now widely used as an important tool in securing the premises. Thanks to technology advancements, with almost near 100% accuracy in detection and recognition of facial dynamics face recognition applications are increasingly being used from a small retail store to large scale implementations such as railway stations, airports, etc.

Facesense is a highly scalable facial identification & recognition on a neural compute platform from Safepro catering to varied applications like surveillance, time & attendance system, access control, crime mapping, retail analytics & other large enterprise applications.

  • CCTV Camera
    Instant identification

    With industry’s highest standards of detection parameters for facial identification, Facesense microsecond facial identification makes the difference when it comes to authentication, stopping crimes and saving lives.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Realtime alerts

    Integrated with multiple devices across the network, you’re never far from alerts when it comes to Facesense. Customised & scheduled realtime alerts on centralised dashboard, distributed dashboards, apps, emails or SMS will always keep you notified instantly of visitors or people you’re wanted the most with tools.

  • Quick Alert
    Distributed environments

    Multiple locations, disparate databases, varied platforms & networks spread across isn’t a problem with Facesense. Designed & developed to work in distributed environments Facesense ensures optimum efficiency bringing complex detection & identification onto a unified platform.

  • Face Recognition
    Anonymous cataloguing

    Automated indexing of non-recognised people or visitors with AI powered Intelli search tag helps our customers generate vast database with intelligent search & purge options when needed.

  • Face Recognition
    Scalable network

    Whether it’s just one single camera or thousands spread across distributed networks, Facesense unmatched scalability on-the-go is one of the best in the industry. With plug-in features on our simplified dashboard, you can scale up or down on the go whenever you want to minus the hassles of gargantuan technology.

  • Face Recognition
    Encrypted data security

    Right from the word go everything in Facesense works on high level of security with encryptions and safety adhering to the international standards of data security like the ISO27001.

  • Trespassing System
    Integrated centralised dashboard

    While we take the complexity, our customers always get a product that’s simple, easy-to-use and yet powerful to manage the smallest to the largest deployments of face recognition system. Facesense dashboard with its enhanced GUI and light weight framework lets you monitor, track, edit, scale-up & down and manage multiple locations easily.

  • Hooter Alarms
    Intelli search

    With our innovative AI tools we always stay a step ahead so that our customers gets the best in class security systems. Intelli Search with its powerful AI tools extends your face recognition system to go much deeper with automated identification & recognition on search engines of your wanted and anonymous visitors giving you the edge.

  • App
    Geo tracking

    Track your suspects across the city with our cooperative networks that connects Facesense on a unified platform to track people on a wide area network. This tool helps you detect your suspects across the city with exact location tracking & alerts.

  • Optional Alert
    Open networks

    Any camera, any make, any model isn’t any issue for Facesense. Built on an open network platform, our face recognition application can work on such disparate network of equipments from different manufacturers with ease.

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