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We’re home to disruptive technology in vision systems enabling cameras to be an autonomous preventive tool, decision support system, life saving device, analytical tool and much more. Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive surveillance, robotics, neural compute engines, IoT and embedded systems are something we have been doing for over a decade with products catering to varied sectors and an exhaustive customer base across Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Africa.


safepro Vigilar is a perfect combination of video electronics, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, video and data analytics, sensors, surveillance and alert systems, all working in tandem to thwart crimes on the streets and to keep the law enforcement agencies alerted in real time, Of happenings on the streets.


Safepro REACT is your autonomous preventive tool that can think, analyse, react and prevent incidents that may happen at your premises.


Facesense T&A is an enterprise grade face identification & recognition system built on our proprietary neural compute engine for a time & attendance management system for various sectors.

Cognitive Surveillance

Buy safety, Not cameras! Network surveillance cameras that can do much more than just watch.


Safepro Opticsense® ANPR solution is designed and built on our neural compute platform keeping in mind not just Automated Number Plate Recognition, but solutions beyond this.


When a perfect design meets intelligence, products of high caliber are born. This is what we’ve done with Octasense, a perfect combination of performance design combined with cognitive intelligence to give our customers the combined tool to monitor & control their cities on one single unified platform.


A new age Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is a state-of-the-art AI based vision technology system eliminating the false positive alerts of the traditional fiber and infrared applications.


A simple yet a powerful AI system that puts passenger safety first beyond everything is IntelliBus.

Opticsense Network Cameras

Explore our Opticsense® wide range of network surveillance cameras. Designed and built to suit to all your needs in security and safety, Opticsense comes with many variants to choose from depending on your needs.

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