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In recent years public transit security concerns have increased significantly calling for attention of the Governments, law enforcement and public to focus on these issues.

Public transport platforms in India is one of the largest congregation of people found daily irrespective of railways, metros or other bus stands. This increases the threat perception on these platforms largely due to the density of people around and the chaos on such platforms which harbors as the perfect place for miscreants to create trouble putting thousands of lives and valued assets in danger.

The need of the hour isn’t just a CCTV which is purely a forensic device, but a technology that can think, react, communicate and stop incidents. A connected technology that is a fine combination of cognitive security, information, communication and facility providing smart device.

Vigilar Smart Platforms is a comprehensive package of artificial intelligence, IoT, edge video edge analytics, intelligent electronics and sensors all working in tandem to create a state-of-the-art smart city device and more.

of the product

  • Cognitive 4k octa-directional video surveillance
  • Video edge analytics
  • Traffic offence management system
  • No-parking detection
  • Face recognition and matching alert
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Public address system
  • Environmental sensors
  • Vandal proof protection mechanism
  • Integrated LED street lighting system
  • Customisable cognitive algos to suit specific needs of smart city
  • Emergency response system with 2way audio to command center
  • Encrypted AutoMesh wireless connectivity with central command center

All these in a box to ensure ease-of-use and simplicity to solve
the problem for our customers in real sense.

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