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Opticsense surveillance cameras are the new age cognitive science enabled vision systems that adapts, thinks, reacts and actions as we human do. We started with a vision & mission to make vison systems intelligent and incorporate cognitive skills into these cameras to understand the situation, react and prevent incidents rather than a brainless CCTV.

Opticsense as we say #Making sense of seeing is not just a surveillance camera, but an AI computing platform with a vision, a neural engine to think, analyse and understand and the sensory to react and action. Designed and built to understand, interpret & extract the data in the video as required by it user, Opticsense delivers on its promise to prevent incidents saving lives & assets.

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Specifications and types of cognitive surveillance cameras we offer in Domes, Bullets, Cubes, PTZs, Modular and even Custom fit cognitive surveillance cameras.

  • 2MP, 4MP, 5MP, 8MP, 4K, Modular, PTZ, Thermal & X-ray with octa core, varifocal, optical zoom, IR, wide angle vision systems
  • Anti-tampering & vandalism system
  • Integrated onboard video analytics
  • Integrated environmental sensors
  • AI neural compute engine
  • Integrated audio with multi-lingual voice alerts
  • Onboard encrypted storage
  • all other standard specification
  • BIS, CE and ISO 27001 certified
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