Hello Jaipur! Still relying on CCTV for securing your homes?

CCTVs! You can’t live without them nor can you live with them. While its common today to see a CCTV at almost every place be it offices, homes, warehouses, malls, etc, the security experts are contemplating whether these CCTVs are able to handle security the way it needs to be i.e. can it be a preventive tool?

CCTVs today are a mere forensic tool that helps in cracking a crime scene, but post the crime. With no cognitive intelligence these cameras are as good as not having one of them at our premises. It does watch & record helping the law enforcement solve the crime after lives are lost or properties damaged. It’s time we look beyond these CCTVs.

Explore REACT, an AI based autonomous preventive tool to secure your loves ones and property.

Welcome to Safepro REACT

Safepro REACT is your autonomous preventive tool that can think, analyse, react and prevent incidents that may happen at your premises. Works on our neural compute platform, REACT is an AI appliance that has the cognitive intelligence to distinguish the abnormal from normal and hence protect your premises at all times. Its designed around you to understand your requirement of security and adapt the way you want it to work.

Record the video It’s not just the video, extracts the data out of the video with its AI capabilities.
Watch it remotely only when you want it Trained to detect, react, alert & action if crime happens under its view
Crime happens right under watchful eyes of the CCTV With a neural compute engine, has a brain of its own. Very well knows what’s normal & abnormal in its view.
Helps solving the case, post the crime Stops crime even before it happens with its unique deterrent tools, saves lives & properties it is supposed to.
Lives lost, property damaged No human interference required, well trained to act on its own for a fool-proof security.
No brainer – depends on human interference Alerts the concerned and law enforcement even before the crime, enabling actioning instantly.
Depends on dumb sensors You’re never way from home or your office with REACT in place, you’re always connected.
Nothing but a Forensic tool No, its NOT a forensic tool. It’s your autonomous preventive tool.

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