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With crimes & threat perception increasing by the day, today even the places of learning are increasingly becoming a soft target for miscreants to unleash their crimes. Educational institutions world over are investing in securing their campuses to thwart such crimes that may happen thereby securing their students, assets and properties.

Safer campus with Opticsense

Explore our range of products and an integrated solution catering to the educational institutions and campuses. Built on our Opticsense AI platform, these products on vision systems can either work as individuals or work as integrated unified platform to give your campus the best of security as an autonomous preventive tool.

  • Intelligent smart surveillance with in-camera analytics
  • Neural compute platform for better prevention & actioning
  • Multiple products onto a unified platform for a safer campus
  • Tailor-made solution to suit your specific security need, not a generic one
  • Products with inbuilt thinking, reasoning, reaction & action capabilities with nil human interference
  • Cognitive surveillance, IoT, Robotics, edge analytics all combined to give a comprehensive security detailing
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Our Products


Our Products

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