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While technology in medical care is brimming over the horizon, it’s always been traditionally a slow adoption technology in security, patient care processes and automation. Investments on better technology in these aspects have always taken a backseat.

Here at Safepro, we’ve designed products on AI platform not just meant for security but for easing the operational processes too with vision based automation like the patient registration on quicker and efficient face recognition, automated ANPR based parking solution, crowd detection, detection of mob attacks on doctors with instant alerts, trespassing and intrusion detection system and more.

  • Patient recognition on face recognition
  • Hospital staff time & attendance management on face recognition
  • Access control on face recognition within the hospital
  • Trespassing & intrusion alerts in restricted areas
  • Perimeter intrusion detection & protection
  • General cognitive surveillance within the hospital
  • ANPR based automated parking management
  • Mob detection with instant alerts, multilingual voice alerts and hooter
  • Ambulance signal-free corridor system
  • Ambulance onboard surveillance with live streaming to emergency services
cctv for hospitals

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