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Well, ANPR isn’t just meant for reading a license/number plate of vehicle for traffic offence, but its beyond that. Our Opticsense® ANPR & Beyond Suite caters not just to the Traffic Offense Management System (TOMS) but also covers parking management, premise entry vehicular access control, check-post management and more.

Safepro Opticsense TOMS

Traffic Offense Management System or TOMS built on our neural compute platform Opticsense is a plethora of AI based video analytics monitoring and tracking traffic offenders on the roads. Innovative & disruptive, TOMS in-camera edge analytics allows quicker & efficient extraction of data from the video providing better traffic offence management minus the humaninterference.

  • Automated Number Plate Recognition
  • No-parking Detection
  • No-helmet Driving Detection
  • Traffic Jump Violation Detection
  • Wrong Way Driving Detection
  • Vehicle Type Profiling
  • Speed Violation Tracking

Safepro® Opticsense® ANPR Automated Check-post Management

This is a state-of-the-art automated check-post management solution based on Automated Number Plate Recognition system. Based on our proprietary Opticsense® neural compute platform, automated check-post management has myriad options for you to choose from. From vehicle tracking to vehicle profile identification, count, truck content image processing and more, we have all these options to choose from.

  • Vehicle type identification and recognition
  • Periodical vehicle count at check-posts
  • Access control for unauthorized vehicles
  • Integration with boom barrier for automated access control
  • Image process classification for content tracking in trucks
  • Regulation management, For Ex: Tracking closed container for hazardous materials

SmartPark - Automated Vehicle Parking System

Safepro Automated Parking Management System or the SmartPark is an AI based vision technology platform that automates the entire process of vehicular parking system. Right from automated number plate recognition system integrated with access control like boom barriers or bollards, it recognises the vehicle, regulates entry & exit and even automates the payment using an interconnected App with payment gateways. This increases operational efficiency, stops pilferage and brings in better human capital management.

  • Simple, yet powerful automated parking management system
  • Automated parking management with entry & exit regulations
  • ANPR integrated with parking ticketing system
  • Vision system with App based parking ticket payment integrated with payment gateways
  • Eco-friendly completely paperless smart parking system
  • Search & track vehicles with suspicious activities
  • Vehicle profiling & cataloguing for archival

Automated Premise Entry Management System

Security being the prime concern in every apartment and private residential complex, let’s take security seriously starting from the regulated entry of vehicles. Opticsense® automated vehicular premise access control does it without a human intervention.

  • Registry of authorised vehicles for entry
  • Terra-flops speeds for instant vehicle data matching
  • Integration with boom barrier
  • Visitor management system
  • Log reports of complete vehicle entry & exit data
  • Automated alerts and hooter integration for violations
  • Option to integrate with parking tickets
  • Paperless and proxy-less system for easy and secure entry and exit

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