Something we started out as fun making intelligent softwares 15yrs back quickly turned out to be a serious business of AI, IOT, smart security, video analytics, cognitive surveillance systems with cutting edge technology solving real problems for our customers.

We have been successfully making products that touches lives of people in more ways than we thought when we started. With a vision of making smart security to prevent incidents, we have been adhering to our vision of ‘Lets prevent, not repent’ with every product we’ve made.

We believe in

solving problems

Solving Problems

We have always created products to solve the real problems our customers face, and not for fancy or for our VCs or for the heck of creating it. Our products are implemented in the most demanding situations across the country which have been working for years making our customers successful.

Pursuit of Knowledge

Pursuit of Knowledge

It’s a never ending pursuit for all of us here. Today can’t be just as yesterday in knowledge. It is imperative to enhance our knowledge to bring the best of products & solutions. Our knowledge forum is an eclectic group sharing & improving our learning continually.

solving problems

To be Collaborative

Marriage of talents & skills is absolutely necessary to be a winner today. Collaboration with one & all – employees, vendors, investors and even competitors have brought us this far. Every person at Safepro is empowered to contribute with ideas & opinions to ensure our offering to our customers are the best in the market.

Pursuit of Knowledge

Celebration of life

All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy! We have emphasised strongly on ‘Happy employees, delighted customers’ & for this for all of us it’s important we spend quality time with our families, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. Whether it’s team outings, gettogethers, family days or trekking, cycling, we enjoy as much as we love our work.

disruptive products


Disruptive Products






AI Breakthroughs



Presence in Countries


sujay rao

Sujay Rao

Cofounder, Managing Director

Sujay has been an entrepreneur at heart right from his childhood showing keen interests in vision systems technology even during his years in college. Computer science graduate by profession with an MBA he has an experience of over 23years starting his career with renewable energy, health-tech and moving on to AI in vision systems.

He has been the visionary setting the company in the right direction to design and build disruptive product offerings in the field of tactical surveillance, robotics and edge video analytics catering to a wide variety of clientele. Is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor with interests in AI, image processing, deep learning, robotics and health-tech. An avid reader, wildlife photography enthusiast, he is an ardent believer that it’s the journey that matters and not the destiny.

Mythili Rao

Mythili Nijagul


Mythili comes in with over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship with keen interests in technology & people. With a penchant interest to micro planning, she drives the company towards operational efficiency, process control & compliance and people management.

A strong believer and an investor in people, she is instrumental in defining the well-structured talent pool at Safepro producing the finest vision system products in the industry. She is a gold medalist in instrumentation engineering from VTU with a love for reading, travelling, arts and music.


Neeraj Dwivedi

Chief Technology Officer

Neeraj heads the product engineering with over 16 years of experience bringing to the table disruptive technology, setting the strategic direction for building state-of-the-art products at Safepro. He manages an energetic and skilled engineering team well defining the process of product development from design board to commercial launch. An expert in solution architecture on various technology platforms ranging from AI, Deep Learning, edge based video analytics to Cloud services and security.

Foodie, strong kabaddi player and loves bollywood music, he holds a computer science engineering degree with Masters in computer applications.


Jayanthi SG

Group Head, Accounting & Finance

Jayanthi or the ‘Money Manager’ as we call her heads accounting and finance at Safepro. She carries an experience of 33 years in the field of accounting managing several aspects of accounting, finance and control for varied companies in her tenure. She is an established finance professional with extensive knowledge in funding, financial operations, taxation, financial accounting, and reporting, compliance management.

She holds a degree in Bachelors of Commerce from Bangalore University. She loves gardening and travelling.



Chief Mentor

Our Chief Mentor, Critic, Guru and our Guiding light, he is a first generation entrepreneur of the 70s license-raj era wherein startup wasn’t the fad thing. He started his career in the PWD, but having a burning desire to be an entrepreneur even against his family’s wishes started in the unknow world of business. With many hardships in his journey as an entrepreneur he forayed into manufacturing, trading and a renewable energy specialist for more than 40years of his life with an impeccable track record of establishing many successful businesses.

A fine economist, leads a very simple life is also a philanthropist who says you can only get as much as you give. A mechanical engineer by profession, he says being in the company of bright, talented and self- motivated people is heaven.


One person with a belief Is equal to ninety-nine
who have only interests. – John Stuart Mill

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